Below is a web implementation for converting various formats to and from the RInChIs. Information on how to use each operation is given in the help pages.

RInChI Versions

Tools on this site work with RInChI v1.00 unless otherwise stated. All tools run with Python 3

RXN/RD Files to RInChI

Reaction records in RD files often contain data, such as catalysts and solvents, and the conversion program attempts to include this in the output RInChIs.

Choose an RXN or RD file to upload (max size 100 KB):

Also Generate


Input Type


Paste a RInChI and generate a page containing .svg image files describing the reaction, grouped into products, reactants, and reaction agents.

RInChI to RXN/RD Files

Paste RInChI and, optionally, RAuxInfo (seperated by a newline) below to generate an RXN or RD file. Multiple RInChIs can be provided, but the RAuxInfo must immediately follow the RInChI.

The file generated by this form will not contain 2D coordinate data if no RAuxInfo is provided.

Output Format

RInChI to RInChI Key

Convert a RInChI into its key form