RInChIs, once generated, can provide a compact database for further analysis. The tools for doing this are below, and some helpful information is given in the help pages.

RInChI Versions

Tools on this site work with RInChI v1.00 unless otherwise stated. All tools run with Python 3

RInChI Addition

RInChIs can be added in such a way that the individual steps for a multistep reaction are combined into a single RInChI describing the whole process.

Enter the RInChIs representing the individual steps below. Be sure to list the steps in the correct order, with each one beginning on a new line.

RInChI Changes

Small lists of RInChI databases can be analysed for the presence and change in rings in greater detail: this script will give the change in rings for each reaction given by size, and, optionally, by composition.

Upload a RInChI database for analysis here:

Select of what to count the changes:

List results for each RInChI

RInChI Statistics

Analysis a list of RInChIs for statitical data about the reactions

Upload a RInChI database for analysis here:

Include Information about:

Include only most populous counts