InChI QR code generator

Generate a QR code from an InChIKey. The QRInChI is an image in the .png format and may be downloaded, saved and printed. PubChem may be able to find the molecule it represents.

Request a QR code by entering an InChIKey:

This is an experimental, proof-of-concept, QRInChI generator. IUPAC is discussing a standard for InChI QR Codes, but a recommendation has yet to be agreed. These QRInChI are generated without any guarantee for any application whatsoever.

Alternative interface:
A QR code can also be generated directly from a URL, for example:
will generate a QRInChI for the molecule with InChIKey XMWRBQBLMFGWIX-UHFFFAOYSA-N

This image file will remain available for a while.